The garden stores are the ideal places to install the evaporative cooling system. In summer when high temperatures and high solar radiance rein the internal conditions in garden stores, especially with high ratio of transparent outer frame, can become unbearable for personnel and customers alike. By using the traditional DX refrigerant cooling systems the temperature might be lowered (at substantial cost however) but the problems might occur due to humidity levels being too low for the plants growth process. An additional air humidifier installation would be a really not cost effective solution.

The Evaporative Cooler combines three features:

  • cooling – lowers the temperature by approximately 8-10 °C
  • humidifying – decreases the plant watering needs, prevents plants from withering by maintaining the correct microclimate
  • ventilation – provides fresh air, removes the air impurities, dust, insects and pollen. It is relatively cheap to buy, install and operate.

In these type of buildings the best solution is to install the evaporative coolers internally below the roof or to position the portable units to cool down the specific areas thus creating so called ‘cold islands’. The doors and windows can be left open without negative effect on cooling efficiency. During the night the doors and windows should be closed/partially closed and the evaporative coolers can be used only as air humidifiers in order to maintain the correct internal air humidity.