Pig farming requires specific internal conditions for the animals especially in summer time when the inside air temperature might exceed 25 °C. Above this temperature the animals might suffer from the heat stress which affects the animal growth and breeding activity.

The evaporative cooling is very effective solution to cool down the space at the same time providing the ventilation and humidification. The Evaporative Coolers construction is as follows:

  • Housing made of UV and thermal resistive plastic (-42 to +96 °C)
  • Initial Air Filter (Mesh) serves to stop the airborne impurities as small leaves or insects
  • Water Sprinkler distributes water evenly over the cellulose pads
  • Cellulose Pads which resemble honey comb soaked evenly with water. There the water evaporation, cooling effect and air cleaning takes place.
  • Fan & aluminium motor
  • Control Box managing the work of all unit components
  • Water Circulation Pump of high longevity
  • Incoming Water Isolation Valve
  • Purging Valve
  • Water Level Sensor protects from pump running dry
  • Controller to regulate the air temperature, humidity, timer, fan speed control (16 speeds), discharge diffuser swing

Approximately 30kW of cooling can be obtained from just 1kW of electrical power

Evaporative (Adiabatic) Cooler Efficiencies Table:

Evaporative Cooler Efficiencies Graph:


Graph presents two days of temperature and relative humidity in warehouse. First day presents typical day without evaporative cooling and next day presents conditions with evaporative cooling. On the first day of research maximum temperature in workshop was about 34 °C. Second day temperatures outside were approximately the same but with evaporative cooling temperatures inside workshop didn’t grow more than 27 °C.


The hotter the ambient air the dryer it becomes and the Evaporative Cooler efficiency improves.


Operational Cost (Evaporative Cooler of 14,000 m3/h capacity – BREEZE 900)

Running Cost

1.1 kWh – 14.3p (Net)


20 l/hour(average)6.4p (Net)

Total running cost per hour – 20.7p (Net)
Total weekly running cost (168 hours) – 3478p = £34.78 (Net)

Electricity cost – 13p/kWh (Net)

Water cost (including sewage) – 320p/m3 (Net)