Manufacturing plants of Hutchinson in Poland produce low pressure fluid tubing. Low pressure fluid tubing are made of rubber and plastic. Tubes transfer fluids like: oil, fuel and water.

Essential group of products:
– Fuel tubes made of plastic
– Wires for engine cooling
– Tubes for air vacuum systems
– Wires for clutch and brake assist
– Fast-connectors for fuel pipes and water
– Rubber hoses for coolers
– Rubber hoses for engine cooling

During summer in temperate climate, the temperature in manufacturing hall rises slightly. It is because of heat gains delivered by machines and sun heated roof. Temperature in production hall can exceed 35*C. Overtemperature can cause health problems and effectiveness loss. According to scientific studies temperature of 35*C lowers effectiveness of production by 16% compared to work in optimal temperature of 23*C [‚COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF THE NIGHT-TIME VENTILATIVE COOLING IN OFFICE BUILDING’ Helsinki University of Technology; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory].

Lots of production centers have ventilation systems but they are not able to lower the temperature during hot summer day. To efficiently lower the temperature during summer there have to be installed evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers not only lower the temperature for about 10*C but also blow fresh and clean outdoor air. Lowered temperature and big air flow provide good working conditions. Installation of coolers in Hutchinson Poland is presented on below pictures.