Produkcja światłowodów Celco

The CELLCO company is one of the biggest companies in Poland offering the fibre optic solutions. They design, manufacture and supply:

  • fibre optic pigtail and patchcords
  • complete panels with dedicated fibre optic switch boards
  • fibre optic cables
  • training, surveys, testing
  • consulting regarding HFC network, local fibre optic network

The manufacturing process in the production hall of about 400 m2 (4300 ft2) requires clean air. During hot summer days the internal temperature was rising to about 30 °C causing discomfort to the personnel. In order to maintain the fresh air requirements and cool down the space it was decided to go for the solution which is inexpensive to buy and install (only short duct of about 1 metre length), cheap to run (only about 10% of electricity consumption in comparison with the traditional DX refrigerant cooling system) and environmentally friendly (cooling medium is the mains water).

Approximately 30kW of cooling can be obtained from just 1kW of electrical power


Operational Cost (Evaporative Cooler of 14,000 m3/h capacity – BREEZE 900)

Running Cost

1.1 kWh – 14.3p (Net)


20 l/hour(average)6.4p (Net)

Total running cost per hour – 20.7p (Net)
Total weekly running cost (168 hours) – 3478p = £34.78 (Net)

Electricity cost – 13p/kWh (Net)

Water cost (including sewage) – 320p/m3 (Net)

It was decided to ventilate and cool down the critical area of approximately 200m2 (2150 ft2). The final system selection was based on single external roof mounted EKONAIR unit with the air supplied from the cooler ducted down into the space where it was discharged in four directions at about 3 metres above the floor level. The existing mechanical extract air system was utilized in order to equalize the air balance.

Currently the air temperature in the work space does not exceed 25 °C and the supplied air is fresh and clean.