Why Is It Worth To Install The Evaporative Air Conditioning?

(Evaporative Cooling)

  • Evaporative cooling offers by natural means the cooling, ventilation and filtration of air delivered to the room/space
  • Evaporative Air Conditioning Units are perfectly suitable to cool down the industrial and commercial buildings achieving amazing cooling effects and financial benefits
  • Evaporative cooling is approximately 90% cheaper to run and approximately 50% less expensive to install than the DX (direct expansion refrigerant) air conditioning units
  • It eliminates unpleasant smells, pollen, dust and much of the other air borne particulates which are caught on the wet cellulose pads
  • Windows and doors in the conditioning space might be left open during Evaporative Coolers operation without a negative impact on their performance and operating costs (the basis of the efficient cooling is to maintain the constant air change in the space)
  • Bearing in mind it requires relatively low electrical input and does not employ the refrigerant gasses to operate the Evaporative Air Conditioning is green and environmentally friendly