Principle of Operation

In evaporative cooling the cooling effect is due to water evaporation. Evaporating water absorbs the heat from the surrounding air. The warmer and drier the air is the more efficient cooling becomes. The example of evaporative cooling might be the perspiring human body during high activity. The released water (the main component of sweat) cools down the skin.

Construction of Evaporative Cooler

Unit housing is made from high quality temperature resistant plastic material (from -42 °C to +96 °C).

  • UV resistant
  • Corrosion proof
  • Constructed in such a way to enable quick disassembly for servicing

Insect Mesh which is installed inside the casing upstream of the wetted pads. They are to stop the bigger impurities contained in the incoming air such as small leaves or insects.

Control Box supervising the unit to work as programmed. One of the possible features is the cleaning of the cellulose pads using the fan to blast the embedded impurities back outside the unit. The control box manages all of the unit components like controller, purge valve, recirculation pump, water level sensor, water isolation valve. The water purging feature is available to be programmed every 4, 8, 12, 24 or 48 hours releasing the water tank content to drain.

Water Level Sensor prevents the water recirculation pump from running dry.

Water Pump of high longevity supplies the sprinkler via piped connection. Air cooled, does not block in case of some pollutants being present in the water tank

Sprinklers distribute the water onto the cellulose pads evenly, foul free operation

Cellulose Pads are constructed based honey comb pattern of large active area which increases the unit cooling output. That’s where the water evaporation takes place. Evaporating water lowers the passing air temperature even down to 12 °C. Simultaneously the passing air is being cleaned up from small impurities which are stopped on the pads.

Automatic Purge Valve controlled in such a way to maintain the water quality in the tank during unit operation whilst when not working the tank remains dry and clean.

Controller has several controlling functions like:

  • Supply air temperature and/or humidity control
  • Fan speed control
  • Swing function for active distribution of supply air on the discharge louvre
  • Time controller
  • Remote Controller (infrared) included as part of the package

Water Isolation Valve regulates the water supply to the unit (maximum working pressure up to 5.5 bar). Upon turning off the unit the water isolation valve shuts and purging valve opens to empty the water tank.

Aluminium Motor (circulation pump) – water resistant and corrosion proof.

Ozonator – prevents from bacteria and algae