eva vs dx 2

Evaporative Air Conditioning – Evaporative cooling

Traditional DX (Refrigerant) Air Conditioning

Low operational cost. Uses only 10% of energy in comparison with traditional air conditioning

High operational costs. Very high electricity consumption

Low system installation costs. Does not require long and expensive ventilation ductwork. Frequent possibility of simple installation via the roof or wall

High installation cost. Long ductwork ventilation system quite often required

100% clean and fresh air. The ambient air gets cleaned whilst passing through constantly sprayed and wetted cellulose pads

Offers very restricted volume of fresh and clean air due to high recirculation rate. It presents potential health hazard and is burdensome especially to people with allergies, children and elderly persons

During operation of Evaporative Air Conditioning the area windows and doors should remain open or the mechanical extract ventilation system should be turned on. It does not have a negative impact on the cooling effect

During operation of the DX refrigerant system the area doors and windows should be kept closed. The effect of that is stuffy, bad and unhealthy air. Opening of the windows and doors will worsen the cooling effect or it will be hardly perceptible

Does not cause air dry-out

It dries out the air. It is harmful for skin, eyes and plants.

The cooling medium is water

The cooling medium is refrigerant gas potentially harmful to the Earth ozone layer and natural environment

Emission of carbon dioxide (CO2)to the atmosphere is low (just 10% of the traditional DX air conditioning)

High CO2 emissions

It is environmentally friendly so it is described as GREEN COOLING TECHNOLOGY

It is not harmful to the environment

Very easy to operate

Servicing has to be performed by specially trained and approved personnel