How The Evaporative Cooler Works?

a) The Evaporative Cooler is fed with water from the mains or internal tank. The circulation pump delivers water to the sprinkler where it is prayed on the high active area cellulose pad when the water evaporation process takes place (the heat necessary to evaporate the water is extracted from the passing air stream causing its cooling). The ambient air is being sucked into the unit and then, after the treatment, discharged to the designated room/space at substantially lower temperature by the fan.

b) Discharge temperatures dependant on ambient air conditions (temperature and humidity):


Evaporative Cooler Efficiencies Graph:

Graph presents two days of temperature and relative humidity in warehouse. First day presents typical day without evaporative cooling and next day presents conditions with evaporative cooling. On the first day of research maximum temperature in workshop was about 34 °C. Second day temperatures outside were approximately the same but with evaporative cooling temperatures inside workshop didn’t grow more than 27 °C.


The hotter the ambient air the dryer it becomes and the Evaporative Cooler efficiency improves. On below pictures is shown installation and termographic camera when evaporative cooling was turned on.

Evaporative (Adiabatic) Cooler Efficiencies Table: