Typical Installation Of Evaporative Coolers:

Warehouses: A – Unit with bottom discharge; B – Supply Diffuser; C – Extract Fan

Offices: D – Unit with side discharge; E – Air distribution via ceiling supply diffusers or perforated ceiling

Car Showrooms: F – Unit with top discharge; G – Attenuator

Print Houses: H – Suspended internal unit; I – Extract fan; J – Supply fan

Offices: K – Unit with side discharge; L – Attenuator

Shops: M – Unit with bottom discharge; N – Supply ventilation ductwork;

Manufacturing Plants: J – Supply Fan; I – Extract Fan; O – Internal portable unit – so called ‘cold island’

Ambient Applications: P – External portable unit creating ‘cold island’;

Households: R – Internal portable unit; S – Window (supply); T – Window (extract)