Approximately 30kW of cooling can be obtained from just 1kW of electrical power





The beauty of the evaporative cooling lies in its simplicity. This process has been in use for centuries now. The Arabs were hanging wet blankets at their tent entrances and Greeks in turn were placing clay pots filled with water at their doors and windows. Evaporation acts as well on the sea shore where cool breeze from the water makes our leisure time on the beach more pleasant.

The Air Temperature And Its Influence Over Efficiency And Accuracy Of Work

NASA scientists undertook the study case of lower efficiencies, accuracy and general attitude of people at work during hot summer months.

They published their findings in the report;

„The Basic Reason, They Established, Lies In The Air Temperature At The Workstation Which When Too High Is Causing The People (And Animals Too) To Feel Discomfort Lowering The Work Output And Its Quality As The Air Temperature Rises.”

Air Temperature 24ºC 27ºC 29ºC 32ºC 35ºC 38ºC 41ºC
Work Efficiency Loss 3% 8% 18% 29% 45% 62% 79%
Work Accuracy Loss 5% 40% 300% 700%

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